2011-01-28 @ 21:43: the roof is on fire News

Everything ██is█████ ████ ████fine ███ █ ████ love. ████ █████ the ███ Egypt ███ ████ government ██ #jan25 #Egypt #censorship #live-ticker

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2011-01-18 @ 20:27: FancyBox General

Today I found a very nice script which replaces Lightbox, Graybox, Slimbox etc. It’s called FancyBox and different although doing quite the same like the rest. However, I like it because of its high customizability and ease of use. Transitions are smooth and beautiful even on lower-end machines, galleries can be scrolled through using your mouse-wheel and it even supports external content using an iframe in an overlay on top and separated from your own content.

Feel free to check it out here.

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2011-01-07 @ 21:30: secure HOSTS file updated DownloadsNetwork

Download new version now: click!

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19:03: some minor updates DownloadsMusicToolsWallpapers
  • updated the preview of my modified swiss keyboard layout and put an additional link to that preview in the download-section.
  • added a link to the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator site.
  • added some wallpapers I made long time ago.
  • changed links-type in order to allow download of mp3s on systems which try to play music files by default instead of downloading and saving them.
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