2011-03-30 @ 13:53: Facebook profile link removed General

As you may have seen already I removed the link to my Facebook profile. Just in case you’re wondering. You may comment here or send me an email or try to find me on Facebook anyway if you like.

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13:44: layout of downloads section updated News

The layout of the downloads section has been updated in order to gain more readability and clarity. Also I did some minor enhancements and bug fixing to the site (mostly cosmetic stuff).

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2011-03-19 @ 16:22: secure HOSTS file updated AGAIN! DownloadsSecurity

Some minutes ago I got a chat message on Facebook from one of my Ville Helpers¹. This is what she wrote:

OMG: This girl killed herself after her FATHER posted this message on her wall: bit.ly/hiht3w

Sounds like the usual crap, so I opened the link with Chromium 12 in an incognito session. It redirected me to www.aclebite.info and forced me to log in to Facebook. I didn’t check what happened when I log in, so just be careful. The domain is blocked by my latest HOSTS file.

¹) the people I’m neighbor with in FarmVille, CityVille, …
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2011-03-14 @ 14:51: secure HOSTS file updated DownloadsNetwork

… to v3 Build 20110314. Download here.

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