The HOSTS file has been updated due to massive spam coming from faked invitations, chats and link recommendations by infected friends on Facebook.
To block unwanted tags you need to disable the tagging feature temporarily as long as this spam continues.
To disable click on “Account” -> “Privacy Settings” -> “Customize settings” -> “Photos and videos you’re tagged in” -> “Edit Settings” and change to “Only Me” via “Custom edit”. Click “Okay” to accept your changes.

Someone told me you cannot delete your own Facebook account, but deactivate it. This is not true. If you try to delete your account, Facebook asks if you want to deactivate it. Well, that is true. It does not say it deletes your account. So, if you really wish to delete your Facebook account instead of just deactivating it, you now find a link in my Downloads section (hence the name) to really fully delete your account.

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Regardless of the build number currently all version 12.0.731.x builds of Chromium which I checked (80976, 81012, 81026 and 81028) have the scrollbars broken. Actually the scrollbars do work as intended, but they are not displayed correctly as they flicker and display rubbish. This bug does not appear in the earlier version 12.0.730.x builds that I currently stick to.

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