2011-05-30 @ 21:56: Problems with Google’s DNS News

For appr. two days now Google seems to have problems resolving the IP of the Facebook server where the profile pictures are hosted. This results in a massive slowdown, loss of connection, timeouts etc. on every Facebook page that accesses this server.

To fix this append this line to your hosts file: profile.ak.fbcdn.net

This will circumvent your DNS servers and make your computer access Facebook’s profile picture server directly.

However, since this is likely a temporary problem (at least for me it occurs from 6pm GMT til next day’s noon) I didn’t include it in my secure hosts file, yet.

This article on Wired.com made me a little curious so, I decided to take a closer look on that add-on they talk about. Read more …

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2011-05-04 @ 22:04: streaming external music Music

Have you ever wondered how to stream external live audio? Using JW Player this is possible. However, I didn’t get the current version 5.6 to work as intended so, I stick to an older version which just works perfect. Check it out here.

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