This article on made me a little curious so, I decided to take a closer look on that add-on they talk about.
It works really simple, but has some nasty ads build in that contradict the fundamental idea of free software. There are also some security concerns from people claiming this to be a honeypot since the add-on redirects domains that got seized by the DHS for unlawful distribution of copyrighted material. The original add-on displays an ad-page every once in a while before redirecting to the target site. This way the redirecting page with the ads on can track who tries to access which site and when. However, the redirect-list is rather small, yet.
Now what I did is, I removed the preceding ad-page redirecting the user straight to the real target site (fixed some other bugs, too). Also I set up my own redirect-lists on my site and I guarantee that as long as I own this site the add-on will stay free of ads and I won’t track anything since I just don’t give a flying fuck who accesses these lists. :P
Take care and enjoy!

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