2018-10-18 @ 16:15: I broke Windows 10 Bugs

Sometimes the top 96 pixels of a maximized window disappear and are no longer click-able. Instead the click is received and handled by the desktop. This happens randomly on my Windows 10 Pro (10.0.16299) machine, which is a dual-monitor system as you can see. The issue is independent of the applications used; it happens in any application, but it cannot be triggered by a special action or similar. I first noticed it in Excel. Later in Firefox’s development tools and now quite often in Opera. All software is the latest. When it happens in a browser toggling full-screen on/off by pressing F11 helps sometimes. Otherwise a reboot is required to make it work again, because restarting the application does not help. Very annoying. Here’s a screenshot how it looks like:

I believe this is an error related to the display driver (Intel HD 4600, version, but prove me wrong. In case anyone has a suggestion what might be the cause, mail me.

  1. A simple restart of the shell does not work, but logging off and back on without rebooting helps. However, this means, saving all work and shutting down all processes. That nearly equals rebooting the machine. 🙁

    2018-11-05 @ 11:58 by Nils
  2. Today it occurred at the bottom of the screen. Again it’s 96 pixels (66 pixels broken space plus the 30 pixels of the taskbar).

    2019-03-15 @ 16:49 by Nils

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