2011-05-04 @ 22:04: streaming external music Music

Have you ever wondered how to stream external live audio? Using JW Player this is possible. However, I didn’t get the current version 5.6 to work as intended so, I stick to an older version which just works perfect. Check it out here.

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2011-01-07 @ 19:03: some minor updates DownloadsMusicToolsWallpapers
  • updated the preview of my modified swiss keyboard layout and put an additional link to that preview in the download-section.
  • added a link to the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator site.
  • added some wallpapers I made long time ago.
  • changed links-type in order to allow download of mp3s on systems which try to play music files by default instead of downloading and saving them.
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2010-12-29 @ 15:43: music was my first love DownloadsMusic

Several years ago (I guess it was somewhere around the late 90s) I composed an acid track which I never released to the public. Today I remixed and published it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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2010-12-10 @ 16:34: You need acid in your life to be happy DownloadsMusic

Just released two new songs I made on my way back from Freiburg today. Go grab them in the download-section while they’re hot! The “Bleeding Ears Remix” is a real speaker-blower and does what it says so, just be careful.

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